What Are Crushballs?

What Are Crushballs? - SMOKEPOPS

Crushballs, small capsules inside cigarette filters that release menthol flavour when crushed, have become popular among smokers in the UK, where a ban on menthol cigarettes went into effect in 2020.

In this blog post, we will explore why crushballs exist, how they work, and how to use them properly.

Why Do Crushballs for Cigarettes Exist?

The menthol ban in the UK, which was introduced as part of the EU Tobacco Products Directive in May 2020, made it illegal to sell menthol cigarettes. The aim of the ban was to discourage young people from smoking by removing the flavoured cigarettes that are often marketed towards them.

However, many menthol cigarette smokers were unhappy with the ban and turned to alternatives, such as crushballs, to get their menthol fix. Crushballs are small capsules that are embedded in the cigarette filter. When the capsule is crushed, it releases a burst of menthol flavour, giving the smoker the sensation of smoking a menthol cigarette.

How Do Crushballs Work?

Crushballs are made up of a small capsule containing a liquid that is infused with menthol flavouring. The capsule is embedded in the filter of the cigarette, and when it is crushed, the liquid is released and mixes with the tobacco smoke, producing a burst of menthol flavour.

Crushballs are designed to be easy to use. Smokers simply crush the capsule by pressing down on the filter, and the menthol flavour is released. It is important to note that not all cigarettes have crushballs, so smokers should check the packaging to make sure that they are purchasing cigarettes with crushballs if they want a menthol flavour.

How to Use Crushballs for Cigarettes

Using crushballs for cigarettes is simple. Here are the steps:

Check the packaging: Not all cigarettes have crushballs, so make sure to check the packaging to ensure that the cigarettes have a crushball if you want a menthol flavour.

Locate the crushball: The crushball is usually located in the filter of the cigarette. It is a small, circular capsule that can be felt when pressing on the filter.

Crush the capsule: To release the menthol flavour, simply press down on the filter where the crushball is located. The capsule will break open, releasing the menthol liquid into the tobacco smoke.

Enjoy the menthol flavour: Once the capsule is crushed, the menthol flavour will be released, giving the smoker the sensation of smoking a menthol cigarette.

It is important to note that crushballs are not a safe alternative to smoking, and smoking in general is harmful to health. Crushballs are also not a way to get around the menthol ban in the UK, as they are still considered to be flavoured cigarettes and are subject to the same regulations.


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